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In Domojoy, there are many jobs to choose from and you are not restricted to experiencing only one. There are 15 jobs in total. When you start, you begin as a Commoner and must reach level 10 in order to attempt the qualification quests for the other jobs.

Blademaster · Commoner · Dancer · Doctor · Fencer · Hunter · Martial Artist · Mercenary
· Merchant · Musician · Shaman · Sorcerer · Thief · Witch Doctor · Wizard

To switch from one job to another, visit the Careers Advisor.

Each job has 2 active skill sets and a passive skill set that can be used to augment the capabilities of other jobs. They can be used provided that the requirements for the skills are met and the skill points to allow their usage have been spent on the respective job.

Each job progresses independently of the others. If a player levels up in one job, his or her levels in the other jobs remain as they were before. Attributes and skill point allotments pertain to only the active job: if you place points into Power in one job, it will not affect any of your attributes in any of your other jobs.

Note that this means you do not have to allot your commoner attribute points to match your future job!

Test your mettle within
Eversun City's Dojo to apply for this job.
This is your first job. Hone your gathering and crafting skills as you aim for higher careers.
Apply for this job in northern
Placid Plain.
Looking for qualified healers to aid the injured. Apply in
Eversun City's Drugstore.
Test your mettle within Eversun City's Dojo to apply for this job.
Think you have a keen eye? Apply for this job at Tranquilton in
Swan Lake Basin.
Martial Artist
Those who think they're sturdy enough to apply for this job should travel to the farm in
Swan Lake Basin.
Applications for this job should be directed at the representative in Tranquilton located in southern
Swan Lake Basin.
If you want apply for this job you better save up some money, as the qualification in Eversun City isn't cheap.
Strum out a tune and pick everyone's spirits up. Apply for this job in northern
Placid Plain.
Get in touch with nature to wield its power. Apply for this job by the Planetarium in
Eversun City.
We'll teach you to rob monsters blind! Applicants should visit our branch in
Swan Lake Basin. Bring money!
Witch Doctor
Apply for this job in
Unleash the power written in the scrolls. Applicants should visit us at the Eversun Shrine in
Eversun City.
Must have level 70 in
Shaman and Wizard.


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