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When creating a new character in Domojoy, you must choose between one of four races: Human, Sylph, Shura and Sprite.

Below you'll find a brief guide of the 4 classes in Domojoy. Each class features its own unique story arch. For more details, please refer to below:


Type:        Balanced
Pros:        Easily adaptable and suitable for all classes. Does not have any particular weaknesses.
Cons:        Due to being balanced, humans don't really shine in one particular role.

Recommended classes:
Fencer, Hunter, Merchant

Bio:The most noble of all the races. Humans excel at adaptability and love travelling the world and making friend along the way. They are capable in all roles and boast of huge potential but can be hard pressed to truly shine in a particular category. Humans reside mainly in Eversun City.


Type:        Magical
Pros:        Intelligent and elegant beings that are wise and very skillful
Cons:        Lacks physical strength and are known to be arrogant and don't care for social pleasantries.

Recommended classes:
Wizard, Doctor, Shaman

Bio:Very proud but soft beings. They don't like violence so they use their wisdom and spiritual energy in battle. Their lack of physical ability makes them ill-fitted for physical combat but are perfect for magic classes. They reside in the town of Collington.


Type:        Ferocious
Pros:        Very strong, durable, and competitive. Never backs down from a fight.
Cons:        Not very sharp and thinks fighting is the solution to their disputes.

Recommended classes:
Blademaster, Mercenary, Martial Artist

Bio:Ashura focuses on power which leads to males looking ferocious and females looking seductive. Being very good with their hands, the Shura reside in the industrial and mining center, Darkdale.


Type:        Childlike
Pros:        Small, agile and lucky and boasts of many non-combat related gifts
Cons:        Very poor at combat and are best suited for assistant type occupations

Recommended classes:
Thief, Dancer, Musician

Bio:These once celestial beings have taken on a new form which transformed themselves into childlike creatures. They're modest and love serving people. While cute, their perfectionism can sometimes be a headache. They don't have a specific home and live scattered.


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