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[Sys] Daily Maintenance, Updating Onyx, Rate for Stats lucky boxes, World Teleport

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Dear players,

Game Maintenance will begin on Aug. 6th, 4:00 pm GMT+7. Please wrap up your game session if online.

After that, there will be 8 parts updated, please refer to below:
1.Add 3 more choices for VIP World teleport, they are Bigbeam, Bigbeam City, Inside Bigbeam City.

2.Increase the stackable amount for #Domojoy Pupu Coin from 5000 to 20000.

3.Refresh the stats for DOMOJOY Super VIP title
from HP MAX: 600, MP MAX: 300, ATK: 60, DEF: 50, M.ATK: 30, M. DEF: 50
into:  HP MAX: 800, MP MAX: 500, ATK: 80, DEF: 100, M.ATK: 50, M. DEF: 50

4.Add all slot 1 onyx to trader girl, 15 coins per piece.

5.Decrease the price for Dreamstone Shard in drugstore from 59,999 into 5,999 per piece.

6.Remove all blue popsicle with stats from NPCs, next we can only get it from Item mall.

7.Refresh rate for items with stats in lucky boxes. Such as Blush (Mouth), Yellow Butterfly Wings, Blue Butterfly Wings II, Cat Ears(black) II, Blue Popsicle.

8.Change all the books and scrolls in Domojoy Stats Glasses Lucky Box from Not tradable ones into Tradable ones.

Next maintenance, please looking forward the updating for slot 2 and 3 onyx, and new rate for pets lucky boxes.

That's all for today's updating, it will be automatically updated in your end, if there is any abnormal situation, please feel free to contact us.


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