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[Sys] Daily Maintenance, Updating Stack amount, Transform Pills adding in Item Mall

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Hello, dear all,
The game will be shut down for maintenance later (maintenance time is about 10 minutes or so), during the maintenance can not log in the game temporarily!

After this maintenance, there are 3 parts will be updated:

1. Adding below new items in Item mall:
        Transform Pill (Giant Moth)  100sp
       Transform Pill (Forest Kuku Papa)  100sp
       Transform Pill (Toxic Tiger Moth)  100sp
       Transform Pill (King-Size Kuku Egg)  100sp
       Transform Pill (King-Size Kuku King)  100sp
       Transform Pill (Forest Ladybug)  100sp
      Transform Pill (Banana Monkey)  100sp
      Transform Pill (Red Fox)  100sp
       Transform Pill (Holy Kuku Egg Hero)  100sp
      Transform Pill (Wabbit)  100sp
      Transform Pill (Fairy Queen of Moths)  100sp
      Transform Pill (Scarlet Spook)  100sp

2. The stack amount for below items will be increased:               

     Warehouse lease    100
     Go-Anywhere  5000
     Teleport   5000
     Tigerman Crystal 5000
     Madam Malachite Crystal  5000
     Tricksy Turtle Crystal  5000
     Black widow crystal  5000
     Northern turtle crystal 5000
     Fiery-eyed jimmy crystal 5000
     Western tiger crystal  5000
     Garnet godwin crystal  5000
     Southern vermillion crystal 5000
     Crossbone Swordsman Crystal  5000
     Trivern crystal 5000

3. Below items in Item mall will be modified into:
    warehouse lease  15pcs  50000sp(The one who has bought this one within 24 hours, please contact me soon)
    shorty pill  10pcs 500sp
    growth hormone pill   10pcs 500sp
    Blue Magic Upgrade Book   337sp

That's all for today's updating, it will be automatically updated in your end, if there is any abnormal situation, please feel free to contact us.


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