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[Sys] Daily Maintenance, Updating the Event Drops, Items in Mall and Trader Girl

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Hello, dear all,
The game will be shut down for maintenance in 5 minutes (maintenance time is about 10 minutes or so), during the maintenance can not log in the game temporarily!

After this maintenance, there are below parts will be updated:

1.The drops for the boss rush will be refreshed as below:
Male School Costume Voucher                Backpacks and Swords I Voucher
Female School Costume Voucher                Backpacks and Swords II Voucher
Male Animal Costume Voucher                Assorted Ensemble (M/Unisex) Voucher
Female Animal Costume Voucher                Assorted Ensemble (F) Voucher
Christmas female costume voucher        special mission card
Winter Female Voucher                        Scapegoat Doll
Winter Male Voucher                        #DomoJoy Pupu coin
Wings Voucher                                Event Stamp
Wings I Voucher                                Small Yun Chang Spirit Pill
Wings II Voucher                         SE 5 Pets
Christmas male costume voucher                SE 10 Pets                    
Kuku Lucky Box                          ......

2.Normal level monsters for new players' boss rush are available as below:
DOMOJOY Bull Monster
DOMOJOY Spider Warrior
DOMOJOY Violent Bear

Relate drops are as below:
Necklace Box                         Blue Armor Improvement Book                                  Scapegoat Doll
Ring Box                           Orange Armor Improvement Book                                  Gold Resurrection Medal   
Skill Charm Box                  Blue Magic Improvement Book                                  Equip Weapon Tool box  
Demon Charm Box                  Orange Magic Improvement Book                                 #DomoJoy Pupu coin   
Event Stamp                           Small Yun Chang Spirit Pill  

3.New items will be updated to item mall as below:
Male School Fortune Box
Female School Fortune Box
Valentine's Female Fortune Box
Valentine's Male Fortune Box
Light Wings lucky box
Wings Lucky Box
Traditional (Chinese New Year)
Special Mission Card


4.Adding SE 9 Pets、 SE 1 Pets 、S1 Pets、SE I Kuku Lucky Boxes to Trader Girl as below:

That's all for today's updating, it will be automatically updated in your end, please if there is any abnormal situation, please feel free to contact us.


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