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[Sys] The VIP Title and Daily Benefits

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Hello, everyone,
The game will be shut down for maintenance in 10 minutes (maintenance time is about 15 minutes or so), during the maintenance can not log in the game temporarily!

After this maintenance, there are 4 parts will be updated:
1. The higher VIP title "DOMOJOY Supreme VIP"will be updated.
2. The Attributes for DOMOJOY Supreme VIP will be updated:
    HP MAX: 3500, MP MAX: 2000, ATK: 300, DEF: 250, M.ATK: 250,
    M. DEF: 200, ATK: 10%, M.ATK: 10%,  M.ACC: 15,  M.EVA: 15, Boss:5%

3. The Daily Benifits Luck box for DOMOJOY Ultimate VIP*10 will be updated as below:
    #DomoJoy Pupu coin x50
      Teleport x10
      Go-Anywhere x10
      Giant Pill x5
      Liliput Pill x5
      Gold Ressurection Medal x5
      Advanced Weapon Upgrade Box x5
      Advanced Armor Upgrade Box x5
      Equipment Mod Scroll (Green) x5
      Equipment Mod Scroll (Blue) x5
      Equipment Mod Scroll (Orange) x5
      1-Carat Blue Diamond x2
      1-Carat Green Diamond x2
      1-Carat Red Diamond x2
      Insurance Scroll (Mod) I x5
      Insurance Scroll (Mod) II x5
      Insurance Scroll (Mod) III x3
      Insurance Scroll (Mod) IV x2
      Occupation Spring Water x5
      Level All the Way Voucher x20
4. The Daily Benifits Luck box for DOMOJOY Supreme VIP*10 will be updated as below:
    #DomoJoy Pupu coin x50
      Teleport x10
      Go-Anywhere x10
      Uber Major Health Booster x10
      Uber Major Magic Booster x10
      Scapegoat Doll x5
      Spellpower Scrolls VII x3
      Scrapper's Scrolls VII x3
      Spirit Pearl x20
      1-Carat Blue Diamond x3
      Refresh Stone x1
      Normal Lock Stone x1
      Rare Lock Stone x1
      Aquamarine (A) x30
      Ruby (A) x30
      Opal (A) x30
      Moonstone (A) x30
      Olivine (A) x30
      Spinel (A) x30
      Wardrobe Space Expanding Scroll X x1

The Most Exciting News: The recharging requirement for getting the VIP title will be drastically reduced.

    200usd for DOMOJOY Super VIP
    500usd for DOMOJOY Ultimate VIP
    700usd for DOMOJOY Supreme VIP

Once you accomplish the certain recharging amount, please don't hesitate to contact us for the relate title.

Detailed Information for Each Title is attached:

That's all for today's updating, it will be automatically updated in your end, if there is any abnormal situation, please feel free to contact us.


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I just registered, but why can't I log in?

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