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[Sys] Game downtime maintenance, mall on treasure box, weapon attributes adjustment

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  The game will be shut down after 20 minutes for maintenance and update. After this maintenance, the mall will put new treasure boxes on the shelves, and modify the attributes of some sets of weapons

New treasure box item list

Materials Sack  II
Cedar Wood X50
Gemstone X50
Dried Rice X50
Tanned Hide X50
Crabmeat X50
Red Crystal X50

Perfect gem lucky box
Tigerseye (A) X15
Agate (A)  X15
Olivine (A) X15
Opal (A) X15
Citrine (A) X15
Amethyst (A) X15
Spinel (A)  X15
Aquamarine (A) X15
Obsidian (A)  X15
Turquoise (A)  X15
Moonstone (A)  X15
Ruby (A) X15

Light Wings lucky box
Light Wings Test Mode X5
White Mecha Wings X1
Feozen Costume X1
Red Sci-Fi Eyeshade II X1
Red Mecha Wings X1
Lava Costume X1
Light Wings X1

Weapon properties improved and modified

Ultimate Scourge of the Gods
Ultimate Drop Dead Dagger
Ultimate Silver Star Crossbow
Ultimate Soaring Serpent Wand
Ultimate Master Acupuncturist's Needle
Ultimate Diamond-Studded Abacus

This time, some of the attributes of the above weapons have been improved. Please check the specific modified content in the game


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